NCTG Membership

Our memberships rates are incredible value for money, we have 3 membership options.  Please see which option best suits you and follow the link to download the Application Form. 

Download and complete the membership form.

The NCTG membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March, the prices shown above are for the current membership year. Membership fees will be charged pro-rata applicable to joining date.
(Prior to the 15th of the month, payment would be calculated to include that month and the service provided immediately, after 15th of the month payment would be calculated from the following month with service provided from the 1st of that month). 

Members Features and Benefits include:

  • Help with arranging and planning training for your workforce.
  • Support with the completion of CITB Training Plans.
  • Advice and assistance regarding CITB Grants and information on any other available funding.
  • Invitations to attend meetings, workshops and other events to help businesses keep up to date with industry and legislation changes. Group meetings also offer great networking opportunities and a platform from which to share best practice and business ideas with your fellow members.
  • Contact our Training Officer as your first point of contact when you are sourcing Training course options for your workforce and save yourself valuable time.
  • Reduced training costs are available to members when NCTG courses are arranged.