Lighthouse Club – Free Mental Health Training

Lighthouse Club is The Construction Industry Charity for Mental Health. They run a 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline as well as Mental health training courses and wellbeing sessions. Currently they are offering 10 Free courses every month for the rest of the year; including the two day Mental Health First Aid, the half day Mental Health Awareness and wellbeing sessions for the following topics.

  • Coping with stress – covers pressure and stress, causes, coping mechanisms, and how we can build our resilience to stress (this session is CPD Certified)
  • Balancing Life & Work – covers what is good work life balance and how to achieve it (this session is CPD Certified)
    Mindfulness – covers what mindfulness is about and how you can implement mindfulness into your day (this session is CPD Certified)
  • Building Resilience – covers resilience, how to build resilience and top tips to take away to implement to keep your resilience growing (this session is CPD Certified)
  • Meditation – a straightforward introduction to meditation from a construction professional explaining how a consistent practice can benefit your mental health every day
  • Bang on budget* – covers an introduction to budgeting, hints and tips for money management, asking for help and where and when to get help
  • CV Workshop – covers the purpose of a CV, covering letters, what to include and hints and tips for selling your skills
  • At the interview – covers different types of interview, preparation tips for each type of interview and practice questions

To find out more and see all the resources Lighthouse has to offer, here is the link to their website.

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