Norfolk & Suffolk County Councils are offering Skills Bootcamps – Fully Funded Training Programmes

Norfolk & Suffolk County Councils are offering Skills Bootcamps, part of the Government's Lifetime Skills guarantee

Funding through the DfE they are looking to support over 600 learners by March 2025.  Programmes last from 60 hours to 16 weeks and are designed to offer flexible training with 50% being delivered remotely.  The outcome provides individuals with sector-specific skills to gain employment, increase new contracts if self-employed or take on more responsibilities or promotion if employed.

The programmes are open to anyone who is 19+ and has the right to live & work in the UK.  If they are applying independently, work part-time, self-employed, unemployed, or adults returning to work the programmes are fully funded.

For employers wishing to upskill their workforce to take on more responsibilities, there is an employer contribution. For SMEs (small to medium size businesses, less than 250) there is a 10% contribution, for larger employers 30%.

For more information about the training programmes available in the East Anglia region - visit the official Skills Bootcamp website.

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