Successful fundraising efforts!

We are very pleased to announce that we managed to raise a great £406.00 for the Trussell Trust over Christmas! Lots of festive celebrations had to be cancelled in 2020 including our Christmas meeting and lunch which is one of the only chances in the year for our members to get together; instead we decided to donate some of these funds to the Trussell Trust. We are so pleased with our efforts and extremely grateful to our members who got involved and made a donation and know that every penny is going to a worthy cause.

The Trussell Trust has food banks nationwide, including Norwich, with the aim to end hunger and poverty in the UK. 100,000 people have needed to use a food bank for the first time since lockdown happened in March. As we approach Christmas, 670,000 more people in the UK could become destitute. Food banks in the Trussell Trust network are expecting to give out a food parcel every nine seconds this winter. No one should need to use a food bank, at Christmas or at any other time of year.

The fundraising page is still up for any last minute donations.

A big thank you from myself and Samantha.

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