What Leadership and Management training options are CITB providing?


Leadership and management are key skills for all construction sites and an area where the industry has identified a need for greater support and training. CITB has a range of different resources from short course grants to funded ILM qualifications to support all employers.

Full ILM Qualification - What are the Benefits

To offer further support and provide leadership and management training opportunities CITB is investing £10.5million to offer free Leadership and Management training courses and qualifications.

The commission, awarded in December 2022 and to run until 31st March 2025, will provide 10,500 free ILM leadership and management courses to front-line managers, site supervisors and site managers in England, Scotland and Wales.

For more information, please visit CITB's webpage.

For our members - if you would like to be signposted to a regional training provider who is offering the CITB fundable ILM qualifications - please contact us.

Are you a construction business in Norfolk or a neighbouring county and not a member yet?   Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of joining the Norfolk Construction Training Group.

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