Safe Use of Disc Cutters & Grinders (4″-14″)

This Course is aimed at personnel who use or manage the use of portable hand held disc cutters and grinders at work.

This Course Includes: 

  •   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements.
  • Workplace Assessment (including Hot Work Permits).
  • Machine Checks.
  • Fuelling (if applicable).
  • Adjusting Wheels Guards.
  • Hot and Cold Starting Techniques (if applicable).
  • Dust Suppression / LEV Techniques.
  • Correct Cutting / Grinding Techniques.
  • Cutting Brick / Stone / Concrete on ground.
  • Reactive Forces.
  • Cutting Metal.
  • Transporting the machine in a vehicle.
  • Delegates will be required to choose and mount the relevant disc(s) correctly on the portable cutter/grinder(s) and complete the relevant basic cutting/grinding task(s).

Upon Successful Completion candidates will be issued with an In-house certificate of attendance which is valid for five years.

Duration: Half - One Day


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