UKATA Non-Licensable work with Asbestos

This course is aimed at personnel who will be knowingly working with asbestos containing materials. This qualification is a mandatory requirement for any persons carrying out non-licensed works with asbestos-containing materials, as laid down in CAR 2012, Reg 3(2).

This Course Includes:

  • What work is classified as non-licensed;
  • The control measures that will be required to undertake non-licensed work with asbestos containing materials;
  • Specific task as laid down in HSG210, Essential Task Manual including, but not limited to;
    Drilling holes through AIB and textured coating;
    Removal of small AIB panels;
    Removal of asbestos cement-based products;
    Removal of articles containing asbestos such as floor tiles, gaskets etc.
  • The requirements to prevent the spread of asbestos and control exposure when working with non-licensed asbestos containing materials;
  • How to deal with the waste generated from undertaking tasks with non-licensed asbestos containing materials;
  • How to adequately decontaminate after working with non-licensed asbestos containing materials.

Upon Successful Completion candidates are issued with a UKATA accredited certificate valid for one year.

Duration: One Day.

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